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      2021 February 2

      A decision to install biological wastewater treatment plant often raises various questions. If you can not find an answer among the below listed, please press here – and the specialists of „August ir Ko“ will provide you with the required information.

      Choosing biological wastewater treatment plant, which answers your needs best

      The offered wastewater treatment plants look the same. However they differ in treatment technologies, cleaning parameters, as well as in size, shape of plants, mounting methods and operational costs. Therefore be careful when choosing the wastewater treatment plant, assess the abovementioned differences and certificates of potential suppliers.Actually, according to the Order by the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania (No. D1-487), since the July 1st, 2010 all installed wastewater treatment plants must be certified with CE marking. This marking approves the plant complies with normative requirements of the European Union on health, operational safety and environmental safety, summarized as the “directive on products”.Selecting the right size treatment plant is also extremely important. The size of the plant is calculated according to the number of residents in the house. The more water we use, the more wastewater needs to be treated. If you select the correct size wastewater treatment plant, it will be used by everyone who needs local sewerage. Smaller wastewater treatment plants are suitable for families living in individual houses, whereas larger plants are suitable for hotels, campsites, restaurants, etc.You build a house, expecting it to serve you a lifetime, therefore you should select the wastewater treatment plant with appropriate responsibility. If you have difficulties in calculating the need for wastewater treatment yourselves, ask for the assistance of skilled specialists. Do not forget to evaluate potential increase of members in your family, the visits of guests, etc. Do not make a mistake, selecting a smaller wastewater treatment plant just because it is cheaper. In some time, all discomfort and expenses may outweigh the “saved” costs.

      When is the right time to mount biological wastewater treatment plant?

      Consider the wastewater treatment plant as soon, as you purchase the land site. Designing the house of your dreams, do not forget to determine the location for wastewater treatment systems. You must plan the appropriate location, respecting the requirements for statutory sanitary zones.The treatment plant can be installed during the construction stage of the house, however major external construction of the house (walls, roofing) must be finished, ensuring no heavy-weight machinery, such as trucks, lifting cranes, delivering various constructing materials and facilitating the construction proceedings, is required to enter into the site. Such heavy-weighted machinery can damage the laid pipeworks or the mounted plant.Compact treatment plants are small in size and do not spoil the view, however operate in a perfect manner

      Who could install biological wastewater treatment plant?

      The efficiency of the plant is closely related with correct mounting, therefore this task should be trusted to skilled specialists, or it should be performed closely observing their instructions. If you have any doubts in your capability, do not hesitate to contacts appropriate specialists.Specialists will mount the plant in one day. Starting with the very first day, the treated wastewater complies with all environmental requirements.It is most convenient to select the wastewater treatment plant from a company that produces, mounts the plants and ensures their warranty and post-warranty maintenance. Such companies often provide the plant designing and consultation services, therefore all required topics can be arranged in site, thus saving both time and money.

      How should I start using biological wastewater treatment plant?

      Biological wastewater treatment plants feature one major advantage – the launching of such plants is extremely simple. The mounted wastewater treatment plants can be launched for operation on the same day, after delivery and pouring of active sludge and all adjustment proceedings. No further special procedures are required, the only important thing to do is to ensure wastewater starts flowing into the treatment system.Another important advantage of such wastewater treatment plants is capability of plant to stay free of wastewater for a prolonged period, even one month. It is very convenient during vocations or when installing wastewater treatment plants with discontinuous flow of wastewater, e.g. in rural tourism homesteads.

      Maintenance of biological wastewater treatment plants

      The use of biological wastewater treatment plants is convenient and nearly maintenance-free. Special technologies of these systems ensure proper management of even great volumes accessing into the system, e.g. full bathtub of soapy water. With these wastewater treatment plants, you can also use convenient domestic chemicals, as they do not worsen the efficiency of the system operation.Efficiency of system operation is also not affected by toilet paper or kitchen wastewater, accessing into the system, as biological plant manages this kind of matter.This equipment is also resistant to winter colds, as the sewerage is supplied with warm air flow; various biological processes also ensure cold resistance in the system.


      Biological wastewater treatment systems feature extreme durability. They are usually guaranteed over 10 year long problem-free operation. However by purchasing equipment of such high importance, we hope for its lifetime operation.Operation of wastewater treatment plant is closely related with correct selection of its size according to the volume of generated wastewater, therefore this parameter must be calculated extremely responsibly.

      Advantages of certified biological wastewater treatment plants Biological wastewater treatment plants tested in notified laboratories are the only ones to obtain the CЄ („Conformité Européene“) marking. This marking ensures the quality and safety, as well as friendliness to the environment of wastewater treatment plants. According to the Order by the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania (No. D1-487), since the 1st of July, 2010 all installed wastewater treatment plants must be certified with CE marking.