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      “August ir Ko” UAB wastewater treatment technology satisfies the highest ecological requirements. The biologically treated water can be reused because of the high treatment parameters. The whole waste water treatment process is being performed in one single radial polypropylene content.

      Detailed description of the technology:
      • The waste water flows into non-aerated zone, where mechanical pretreatment takes place;
      • The non-aerated zone is divided by several internal dividing walls, where internal circulation is established;
      • Further, using gravity, the wastewater flows into anaerobic fermentation zone;
      • Then, it mixes with activated sludge and flows into denitrification zone, where denitrification processes happen;
      • From the denitrification zone wastewater overflows into aeration zone;
      • The compressed air goes through single-bubble aeration elements (diffusers) is incorporated into aeration zone and into airlifts for circulation and re-circulation of the activation mixture;
      • Further, the mixture of activated sludge flows into bottom of sedimentation section, where activated sludge is lifted by the airlift and flows into denitrification (non-aeration) or nitrification (aeration) zones of plant.

      to offer you the opportunity of mutually beneficial partnership. Our company is called “August ir Ko” and the main area of our interest and business is wastewater treatment. The company was established in 1998 and was gradually expanding both in its capabilities of sufficing the growing demand for production and ever increasing need for better quality effluent water standards. Now we dare to say that in the field of our expertise we are virtually second to none. An overstatement you should say? Not taking our wards for granted facts and figures should exemplify what level of cutting edge technological advancement was achieved by our enterprise.

      We can offer
      • Highest quality plants with exceptional treatment parameters, low excess sludge production and minimum energy consumption;
      • Wide range of waste water treatment plants – from individual homes to entire neighborhoods, from restaurants to manufacturing factories and other buildings;
      • Our patented and unique waste water treatment technology and construction of our plants allow easy transportation.