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      2021 February 2
      aktyvusis dumblas

      Biological wastewater treatment plants with active sludge are often selected for their simplicity and effective treatment of wastewater. Moreover, these systems are compact in size and simple to deliver and mount, even by yourself.

      Resistant to variations of volume of wastewater

      Automatic operation of wastewater treatment plant with active sludge, resistant to variations of volume of wastewater during the day is extremely practical. For example, in the morning you have a shower, whereas you only use a toiled during the day, and in the evening you wash your dishes and bath a baby.Exploitation of wastewater treatment plant generates surplus of active sludge. When you select the right size biological wastewater treatment plant, the volume of surplus sludge from the smallest plant designed for a 4-person family will be approximately 1 m3 annually. However if you select wastewater treatment system which is too small to satisfy your needs, the volume of surplus sludge may increase, therefore you will have to remove it more often.Sludge is removed opening the lid of wastewater treatment plant. This can be done by the maintaining specialists or the owner himself.

      Resistant to chemicals

      Biological wastewater treatment plants with active sludge are resistant to chemicals, therefore you can use all domestic chemicals – dish washing liquids, washing powder, shampoos, soaps, etc.Even toilet paper does not disturb the treatment process, however there are some materials that must not enter the wastewater treatment system. They can block or damage your sewerage system in some other way. Remember: your sewerage and wastewater treatment plant does not mean a trashcan.For example, items such as diapers, condoms, hygienic liners, cigarette ends, plastic, paper and other materials insoluble in water must never enter the sewerage and sinks. Never pour remains of paint, grease or other similar materials to sewerage.

      Compact and simple

      Biological wastewater treatment plants with active sludge are compact in size. E.g. wastewater treatment plant designed for individual house is approximately 1,5-2 m in diameter and approximately 2 m in height. The only part of plants observed on the surface is the lid. If the plant operates and is used correctly, its operation is invisible – no noise or unpleasant odor is emitted. Naturally, the size of plants designed for hotels, restaurants and other large-scale objects is greater, however the treatment technology enables to reduce the size of plants, compared with other treatment technologies (e.g. septic).Wastewater treatment plants designed for individual houses are simple to transport and mount even yourself, according to the manufacturer’s drawings.